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Objectives and Guiding PrincipleS

Tim Hortons and our Restaurant Owners have always demonstrated a commitment to the people and the communities we serve.

From the very beginning, that commitment has been expressed through a growing number of initiatives – big and small – in communities across North America and, increasingly, in other parts of the world.

Today, we remain as passionate as ever about working with the communities we serve, the people within those communities, and – through our environmental work – the planet itself.

It is a passion that is fuelled by a simple conviction: that we are not just a good corporate citizen, but an active participant and partner for positive change in the world. Because, behind everything we do, we recognize that we are all part of the same community.

Tim Hortons represents a team of people who strive to Make a True Difference for individuals, communities and the planet – every day.

Our Objectives

Our Guiding Principles