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Image guestsAt Tim Hortons, we believe in providing our guests with balanced choices and providing a hospitable and welcoming overall experience. Please see below for more information on our key initiatives.


We understand the importance of balanced nutrition and are committed to offering our guests menu items that include a variety of nutritious and great tasting food and beverage choices.

Balanced Options

We believe that balance is an important part of living well, and that eating well and enjoying what you eat can and should go together. We provide a range of nutritious and delicious options to help you find balance, even when you are on the go. We strive to provide better-for-you options in each of our beverage and food categories.

Some of these products are outlined in the chart below:

To find out more about how Tim Hortons products fit into a balanced lifestyle please click here.

Menu Additions and Ingredient Reformulations for 2014

Menu Innovation

We provide guests with a variety of fresh, wholesome and tasty foods and beverages all day long, through continuous product innovation. Our research and development team is continuously testing and developing products to meet the changing needs of our guests.

Our Sodium Reduction Initiative

Did You Know? vegetable image

Sodium reduction is one of our key nutrition initiatives and we are committed to reducing sodium across our menu.

In addition to further reducing the sodium content of our Muffins in 2014, we also worked to reduce the sodium in our Classic Bagels and Chipotle Sandwich/Wrap sauce. See below for our sodium reduction charts.

Nutrition Communication and Education

We aim to provide guests with the information they need to make better-for-you lifestyle choices. Information is available through our website Nutrition Calculator, In-Restaurant Nutrition Guide, Tray Liners, Timmy Me mobile app, Toll-Free Guest Services Number, and we participate in the Informed Dining Program.

We want our guests to have all the information they need to make educated choices when ordering.

Balanced Options Platform
Live well with balanced options In 2014, we initiated our nutrition and wellness platform, titled Balanced Options, to help inform our guests about the wide range of balanced menu options available at our restaurants. While developing the program and our marketing and communication plan, we conducted thorough research to gain a clear understanding what our guests deem as important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Elements of the Balanced Options platform that we launched in 2014 included:

Nutrition video

Informed Dining
informed dining image Tim Hortons guests continue to be interested in nutrition and balanced menu options and want to make informed decisions about their choices. In 2014, we launched our participation in the Informed Dining program across Canada, a national voluntary program developed by the Province of British Columbia. The Informed Dining program provides the information Canadians are looking for at the point of ordering, in a manner that is accessible, visible and presented in a consistent way across the country. As part of our participation in the program, we expanded the information provided in our Nutrition Guide to include a greater number of products – all standard menu items, as well as some of our more popular guest favourites. We also enhanced our website and online Nutrition Calculator to provide our guests with easier access to the information they need to make educated choices when ordering.

Calorie Aware
image calorie aaware In 2014, we introduced in-restaurant communication that included a Calorie Aware section on our Canadian breakfast menuboards, which highlights menu items under 350 calories.

We also make nutrition information available to our guests through the following channels:

Information Available on Our Website

In-Restaurant Nutrition Guide, Tray Liners and Packaging

Looking for Nutrition Information?

image nutrition page

In 2014, we had more than 1.8 million unique visits to our Canadian online Nutrition Calculator, where guests have access to nutrition information for their favourite meal, beverage or treat.

“Timmy Me” Mobile App Launched in 2011, this app allows guests to calculate nutrition information directly on their mobile device.

Toll-Free Guest Services Number

Allergen Information PDFWe’re Committed to Your Safety – Allergens

The health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us. That is why we have comprehensive policies and training programs for Restaurant Owners and Team Members to learn about the importance of handling allergens. This information is also included in new product training guides, food safety manuals, Team Member handbooks, and in-restaurant allergy posters.

We also aim to provide our guests with clear information about allergens. An allergen alert message is present on the “Welcome” signs displayed on our restaurant entrance doors and at our drive-thrus, as well as in our Nutrition Guide. Additionally, guests can download an Allergy Chart from our website.

Food Safety

more than 4,200 individuals participated in food safety certification classes At Tim Hortons, food safety includes the systems and standard operating procedures that are carried out on a daily basis, throughout all areas of our restaurants, to protect our guests. Our goal is that safe food be provided to each and every guest, every day.  Important features of our systems and procedures include:

Tim Hortons Food Safety Plan

Our restaurant Food Safety Plan has been in place for many years and our cross-functional corporate teams work diligently every day so that food safety is integrated into the development of our products and operational procedures before they are introduced to the restaurants. Every new Restaurant Owner, Manager of Business Development, Manager of Operations Standards, Manager of Regional Training, and Restaurant Opening Team Member completes our food safety training and is certified before opening a restaurant. Since our Food Safety Plan is so well established across the chain, our focus is on re-certification which is required every five years or more frequently, depending on local legislation. We also support food safety by striving for optimal restaurant design and equipment selection to find the right tools to encourage safe behaviours.

Restaurant Food Safety Standards Review

Our Food Safety Standards Review (FSSR) program and Food Safety Standards Guide allow us to maintain our high food safety standards across our restaurants. Our field operations team aims to perform two food safety standard reviews at each of our restaurants annually. Additionally, our corporate team reviews our FSSR program and the Food Safety Standards Guide each year.

The FSSR program incorporates compliance with our internal food safety standards as well as health department standards and regulatory law. Areas of particular focus include food handler hygiene and practices such as hand washing, time and temperature control, receiving, storage, equipment sanitation and facilities maintenance, as well as ongoing food safety training of Team Members within our restaurants.

Food Safety video

Supplier Food Safety Audits

In addition to our restaurants, we also work with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our high standards of food safety. In 2014, our Quality Assurance Auditors completed all of the scheduled onsite food safety and quality assurance audits for our North American supply base.

Food Safety Education and Training

Image serve safe, trican Restaurant management and corporate employees who directly influence restaurant operations are required to maintain up-to-date food safety certifications. We use nationally recognized food safety education programs that are customized for our business and are delivered by established corporate food safety trainers. Our current food safety education classes include TrainCan’s (Advanced.fst and/or Basics) food safety course and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s (NRAEF’s) ServSafe® course for Canadian and American participants, respectively. Participants are required to pass an independently marked exam to meet certification requirements. Corporate food safety trainers are also required to meet the qualification criteria set forth by TrainCan or NRAEF in order to become registered instructors.

Health Department Inspection Program

We are proactive in our monitoring and communicating with health authorities across North America. If a standard is raised in one area, we typically adopt a higher, more proactive standard across the chain.

We employ certified Public Health inspectors as part of our Quality Assurance team, who monitor and address significant concerns on inspection reports. Our food safety personnel provide guidance and education, and work with our operations field and restaurant management teams to immediately resolve all significant issues.


Guest Feedback

I just wanted to inform you that I really respect the impact your company has made in the community, from local to international. You truly make a difference, whether it be a charitable service, such as community projects and the children's foundation, to just allowing us to share a cup of coffee or a box of Timbits with our friends and family. A company such as yours that excels in your field but gives back to the community is something to respect.

I recently purchased an Electric Car and love that you have a charger at some of your locations and hope that you are willing to further roll out this amenity at more restaurants. It would be very unlikely that I would be stopping at this location at least 4 times a week if this service was not here. It is good to see a corporation taking a lead on such an important environmental issue.

I would just like to say thank you for the Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. I eat pretty healthy so I try to avoid all breakfast sandwiches as much as possible. However after seeing the nutritional information on your website I decided to try it and it was great! When I need a breakfast sandwich that is the one I will order. So thank you for a healthier version!

Way to go on the mobile site's nutrition guide. My son is a type 1 diabetic so we always have to look for carb totals at restaurants. This was very quick and easy to use. Thank you.

I would like to say how pleased I am that you are supporting the food bank by supplying bags. I will use mine and I am sure you will get so much support. Please do this again I think you are doing a great job for the people in need in our community. Thank you so much.

My family and I were pleasantly surprised this morning in the drive thru when our entire order was paid for by the store for the 50th Anniversary celebration. I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks and let you know that we appreciate all that Tim Hortons does in the community giving back. You really are one of Canada's top businesses! Thank you!”

@TimHortons is doing it right with this new turkey sausage spinach sandwich

Our very own @TimHortons is socially responsible. They care about children's health by being the number 1 sponsor for children's sports.

Thank you to all of the Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Crystal Beach Tim Hortons locations for selling delicious Smile Cookies for the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara! This year Tim Hortons raised $12,320 for the BGCN children and youth - amazing!!!

@TimHortons Thank you. Your customer service and social media presence is great.