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icon tim hortons children's foundation

Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (the Foundation) was established in 1974 in memory of the great hockey player and company founder Tim Horton. Created as a way to honour Tim’s memory and to keep alive his love for helping those less fortunate, the Foundation provides an enriching and memorable camp experience for children and youth living in economically disadvantaged homes. Learn More ►
icon environmental stewardship at our camps

Environmental Stewardship at our Camps

Environmental programming is a key part of a camper’s experience with the Foundation. Each camp infuses the environment into their programs in their own way, by exploring and discovering the unique natural regions which surround each camp. Learn More ►

Community Success

icon our local, regional and national programs

Community Initiatives: Our Local, Regional and National Programs

Our Restaurant Owners are active members of the communities in which they operate their business. We are proud to have Restaurant Owners who give back to their communities. Learn More ►
icon community giving

Community Giving

We believe we have a positive role to play in enabling communities to thrive and grow. We are proud to support a number of causes each year, either through financial support, product donations or gifts-in-kind, and employee volunteer time. Learn More ►
icon Aboriginal Relations at Tim hortons

Aboriginal Relations at Tim Hortons

We have been working on implementing a meaningful, structured and long-term partnership with Aboriginal communities for the past several years. Learn More ►

Coffee Partnership

icon Tim hortons coffee partnership

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

The Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership helps small-scale coffee farmers and their communities by supporting them in key economic, social and environmental areas that will improve their coffee business and their lives. Our approach is unique from other coffee initiatives because we are involved in grassroots projects that work directly with farmers, local coffee organizations, and government and non-governmental organizations. Learn More ►
icon Ethical Tea Partnership

Ethical Tea Partnership

Tim Hortons is proud that all varieties of our tea leaf–based tea served in our restaurants, including our brewed and specialty teas* are sourced from a member company of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

*Excludes chamomile, honey lemon, peppermint, and apple cinnamon teas because they are not tea leaf–based. Learn More ►