Stakeholder Engagement at Tim Hortons

We believe it is important to engage with stakeholders to better understand issues, impacts, risks and opportunities that can affect our organization. We therefore engage with a variety of different stakeholder groups through different methods.

Stakeholder Type Engagement Method Frequency
Restaurant Owners Regional Meetings Twice a year
Restaurant Owner Advisory Board1 Three times a year
Restaurant Owner Conference Calls Throughout the year
Restaurant Owner Leadership Symposiums Once a year
Restaurant Owner Opinion Survey Every two years
Founders Group As required
Corporate Employees Company-wide Communications Meetings Twice a year
Biennial Employee Opinion Survey Every two years
Cross-functional Employee Advisory Team (meetings, suggestion boxes and email for employee concerns) Quarterly
"Idea Jam!" internal online forum and online Bulletin Board Continuous
"THI Talk" Employee Newsletter Quarterly
"Breakfast with the President" Monthly
Senior Management Leadership Symposium Twice a year
Restaurant Team Members Team Member Hotline (phone, email, mail) Continuous
Hospitality Manager Conference Calls Monthly
Manager Symposiums Annually
Guests Guest Services (phone, email, letters) Continuous
Guest Panel Research (focus groups, online) As required
Investors/Analysts Annual Meeting Annually
Financial Reporting, Investor/Analyst calls Quarterly
Investor enquiries (phone, email, letters) Continuous
Suppliers Face-to-face meetings, phone and email Continuous
Cross-functional meetings to review quality reports As required
Industry Events As required
Supplier Symposium Annual
(Federal, Provincial/State, Municipal
Face-to-face meetings (e.g., public meetings, municipal council meetings etc.), phone and email As required
Thought Leaders
Face-to-face meetings, phone and email As required
Sustainability and Responsibility Advisory Council Annual (pilot in 2010-2011)
Local Communities/
Community Organizations
Face-to-face meetings, phone and email As required
Industry Associations2 Face-to-face meetings, conferences, workshops, phone and email As required

1 We have national advisory boards of elected Restaurant Owners. The mandate for these boards includes responsibility for matters related to the Canadian and U.S. advertising funds, respectively, including promotions, operations, and research and development.

2 As a Company, we are members in a number of industry associations that we consider strategic in nature, including: the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Oakville Chamber of Commerce; Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association (ORHMA); Canadian Restaurant Food Association (CRFA); Canadian Franchise Association (CFA); Women in Foodservice Forum (WFF) – Canadian Chapter; and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) – USA.